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Formed in 1998 in Formia central Italy. Their aim, to bring back melodies from old school rock bands such as: Queen, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Journey.....and fuse them with more up to date electronic and modern sounds.

The actual line up is: Alex Forlani (voice), Alex Brengola (keyboards), Cosmo Masiello (guitar), Silvio Assaiante (bass) and Paolo Conte (drums). The song-writers are, Alex Forlani, Alex Brengola, and Cosmo Masiello. The lyrics for the current project were written by Remo Fiore an anglo Italian, british born pro musician, composer, arranger and producer who transferred to Italy in 1991 and now lives in Formia (LT).

During the past 14 years, Last Mistake have performed all over Italy, especially on the Roman and central Italian circuit and in nearby Switzerland, generating a large interest and earning themselves a discreet success with both the public and critics.

Their first album entitled “LAST MISTAKE”, was released in March 2007 and produced by the Roman label Powerzone Records.

The second album “LIVING AGAIN” was released in 2009 and distributed by Andromeda in Italy, and by Code 7 on the international market.

Between 2009 and 2012 the band have been touring and performing live all over the country and in the last year have been in the studio writing and recording the new album "ON THE ROAD TO NOWHERE", which will be released and available shortly.

The album contains 7 new tracks written and arranged in various styles but with an undeniably Rock identity. A totally new and interesting sound, captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics each with a story to tell, which they hope will appeal to a wider and more varied selection of listeners.

"On the road to nowhere" new album - Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Cosmo Masiello
at MMS Recording Studios - Formia (LT) Italy

Independent production · UNSIGNED

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